EMPTY LEGS Private Jet Offers


EMPTY LEGS Private Jet Charter at a Fraction of the Cost For those who have yet to familiarize themselves with private jet empty legs, the concept is simple – every time a private jet is booked for a journey, the aircraft must return empty to its home base, or reposition to its next assigned airport. Aircraft operators will often sell these ’empty legs’ at a discounted rate in order to recoup some of the cost of the flight, and therefore they can offer a cost effective means of chartering a private jet. Villiers Jets are able to offer a wide selection of these flights directly to clients.
A large part of the inherent appeal of travelling by private jet is the ability to travel at a time and date of your own choosing, and although empty legs by their very nature remove a good degree of this freedom, for those who have the ability to be flexible with their schedule, or for those who love to live in the moment, empty legs represent a good opportunity to travel in the comfort and luxury of your own private aircraft for significantly less than face value.List a selection of upcoming empty legs is on their website with the weekly update.Get your Private jet right now!

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